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What Sex is a Republican?

Benjamin Franklin said it best as he was
leaving Liberty Hall upon signing the
Constitution when asked, “what kind of
government did the delegates create?”
“A Republic, if you can keep it!”

There is no question that many of the political class have lost their way, and we have lost faith in them. Under constitutional authority the congress sets the budget, approves the budget and can veto or override a budget; they regulate our banks, they have sustained unfair tax codes, chartered a federal bank regulating our currency, and provided consent to our president to send our Army, Navy, Air force and Marines to war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lobbyists don’t hold a gun to the heads of lawmakers who choose to take bribes of money, home loans, and other gifts in exchange for their votes. The people in our federal government and fifty legislatures in our state capitols choose or do not choose to be corrupt and unprincipled. We need to support those courageous policy makers who put their constituents first and work from a core set of values.

Chuck Todd told the National Counties Association assembled in Washington on March 9, 2009, “If you want to see corrupt – look inside the state capitols across this country.” The stories that follow, from the Front Lines of American Politics, show that Illinois Governor Blagojevich has contemporaries. ‘We the people’ are needed to make sure they have counterparts.

The political class, an ‘entitlement class,’ receives lobby-funded ski trips, golfing trips, free rides on corporate jets, and box seats for sporting tickets. What makes us think that education, health care, energy, jobs and the banking crisis will all be solved by those who could not solve these problems ten years ago? Could the special home loans from Countrywide, the contributions from Sallie Mae and AIG lobbyists have something to do with their inability to solve America’s problems?

Do not be bamboozled into thinking that there is any difference between the elites in one political party over the elites in the other—they are all a part of the same club.

What Sex is a Republican takes on the political class and provides us with the tools to change the way things are. Just when you thought it was all about elephants and donkeys, in walks the political class. Will the political class continue to con America? Or won’t they?

It is all up to You!