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MY THOUGHTS: Do you vote? Do you grumble and moan after the elections? Did the person you voted for get elected? Do you know their track record? These are questions you should ask yourself at election time. Because if you don't like the outcome, then do something about it. This book gives you lots of info about the way our political system works. And what's wrong with it! If you want to know just read this book. Terri McCormick tells you all the in's and out's of the system, who is who and what is what. This is a very interesting book. I would highly recommend this book is you want to find out how the system works. Terri McCormick doesn't hold anything back, she tells it all.

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NOTE: This was a hard review for me to write....cause I felt that if I included everything I wanted to say I would give away the whole book. So this is a "QUICKIE" review.

The author of this book is from my great state of Wisconsin. Usually, I'm not really all that interested in political books at all. Honestly, I'm not as informed about what is going on in politics as maybe I should be. But I am really glad that I was asked to read this book. Because now I know what I can do to be involved in what's going on in politics.

Not only did I learn what I can do to be involved, I also learned all the trials and triumphs that the author went through while she was in office. Quiet honestly, I give Terri MAJOR kudo's....I don't think that I could handle much less put up with all the crap that goes on in today's politics.

Overall, this book is an inside look at the structure of today's politics. But also, this book is part memoir too. I hope that you check this book out....especially if politics are something that interests you.....There is even a whole chapter about running your own campaign!

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